Don Kenn: Sticking It To The Art World with Inky Monsters

Don Kenn, sometimes known as John Kenn, is a director and creator of television shows for kids, from Denmark. He has an interesting hobby: he likes to illustrate Post It notes. His doodles are intriguing both for their artistic skill, and for the unique world they reveal. Don Kenn’s world is one of monsters and eerie creatures, but it’s also populated with the innocence of children.

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Don Kenn’s monsters are often blessed with tentacles to reach out and grab their prey. They fill his works with curly vines and grasping tendrils, but don’t necessarily create a sense of menace.

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Don Kenn has an interesting vision of the urban landscape and the people who populate it. His buildings are surprisingly mundane and old fashioned, and his characters often wear old time clothing and carry gas lanterns. Children often float carelessly through these scenes, for reasons known only to the artist.

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The most fun in Don Kenn’s art stems from the variety of monsters that roam his fantasy lands. Behemoths that lurch across the tiny canvas, these creatures are otherworldly and often frightening.

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Often towering with mouths brimming with razor sharp teeth, Don Kenn’s monstrous creatures seem intimidating to us, but not to the children that are often in their presence. Are these monsters actually guardians of innocence?

(Images via johnkenn, burstoid, graphicsideoflife)

Don Kenn envisions a wild world full of surreal images and terrifying creatures, but it isn’t without its charms. Don’s art takes a haunting look at a world of dreams that he likes to visit whenever he has a pen and a Post It note.