Instant Monster Truck: Converting Cars into Snowmobiles

Convert Truck Snowmobile 1

Anyone who has driven in heavy snow has witnessed an overconfident driver in a 4×4 go whizzing down the icy street only to fishtail or veer off into a ditch. Four wheel drive may not turn vehicles into magical snow beasts that can handle the worst of winter conditions, but these will: the Track N Go system, a series of treads that installs in just fifteen minutes to basically turn an ordinary vehicle into a monster truck.

Convert Truck Snowmobile 2

While monster trucks may seem ridiculous when seen on the streets in summertime, watching them tackle four-foot snow banks without a hitch might give some of us a twinge of envy when we’re sliding along at ten miles an hour after the latest blizzard. The Track N Go system is a series of four treads that lock onto a vehicle’s wheels to provide traction that tires can’t match.

Convert Truck Snowmobile 3

There’s a catch: you can’t exactly install these things on your Toyota Camry. They’re for 4x4s only, and they’ll set you back $25,000. But being that smug driver going where other vehicles can’t, and actually knowing that your car can handle it, might just be priceless.

Convert Truck Snowmobile 5

Of course, there have already been some Southerners perking up asking, do they work in mud? The answer is ‘maybe’ – they were developed specifically for snow, and mud trials haven’t started yet.