Geeky Temptation: 16 Slick, Sick & Stunning Workstations

With so much time spent in front a computer, your workstation becomes a big part of your life. Some people go for straight out luxury for work or play. Others people are more concerned with gaming or home theaters, while others need a space-saving workstation. Here are 16 high-tech workstations, or design concept workstations, to enhance your working or playing computer experience.

Globus Workstation

(image credits: The Design Blog)

Globus is a molded plastic globe on wheels. It opens to provide seating space in one half and a small adjustable table that functions as a worktable in the other half. The Globus space-saving workstation was meant for small home or office spaces. This workstation comes in a variety of colors.

Coffee Office Workstation

(image credits: dvice)

The Coffee Office workstation might make your cramped cubicle at work seem downright roomy. Designed in the shape of a coffee mug, the inside houses a touchscreen computer, space for your laptop, built-in speaker, and a spot for coffee. This workstation concept is aimed at 2020 when work spaces will be even more crowded. Designer Lucas Vieira intends for these workstations to be located in places with a large influx of businessmen and executives.

Flower Bud Workstation

(image credits: tuvie)

This Flower Bud workstation design concept is aimed at any age and any gender. Designer Won Shik Yu intends to offer comfort and privacy with this adjustable workstation. Both sections slide together into a condensed shell when this workstation environment is not in use.

Corner V1 Workstation

(image credits: Born Rich)

The Vision One (V1) workstation is intended to improve music, gaming, home theater, and working experience. The feet and elbow supports pivot. This adjustable workstation comes in a variety of colors and other upgrades. The most popular upgrade is to a Porsche seat that can have up to 12 functions including power lumbar controls and heat.

Mac-Powered Organic Workstation

(image credits: Teche Blog)

If clutter annoys you, then perhaps you might like the Mac-Powered Organic Workstation? With ergonomics in mind, it features an adjustable seat, monitor, and keyboard for increased productivity. There’s no room to have a messy or unorganized desk with this workstation.

Walkstation : WorkSpace Treadmill

(image credits: Born Rich)

If comfy seats are not for you, then perhaps you would like to burn off fat as you work? The Walkstation offers an electric height-adjustable worksurface along with a low-speed treadmill. Few workstations offer the opportunity to stay fit while you work. However, it would make gaming a real challenge.

Rizki Tarisa’s Go Workstation

(image credits: techfemina)

Rizki Tarisa’s Go workstation is a design concept all about the chair. A winner of the Ideation Award 2010, this multi-functional chair harnesses human pedal-power to juice up electronic devices. This concept furniture is a lounge chair, an exercise bike, a workstation, and a desktop, all integrated in a single unit.  The user generates green energy by pedaling the bike.

Young Explorer Workstation

(image credits: dvice)

Young Explorer workstation by Little Tikes could be baby’s first workstation . . . if you cough up $2,600 and want your baby to experience cubicle life. It comes with a 160GB hard drive, a 19-inch screen, and even Internet connection capabilities. The computer goes in the back and blinder-like wings might improve focus and productivity like a tiny cubicle for a child. The keyboard, mouse, and pre-loaded software are supposed to be kid friendly and durable.

Study Bed Workstation

The Study Bed is aimed at dorm students with limited space. It converts from a workstation desk to a bed. It comes as either a single, double, or king size Murphy bed style. When sleeping, the computer is under the bed at floor level. This bed/desk workstation combo costs about $1,859 with no upgraded color or wood options.

Battle-Rig Pro

(image credits: Born Rich)

The Battle-Rig Pro can be a workstation or slick setup for gamers. With the user centered right in the middle, everything is within easy reach. It comes in a variety of colors and the compartments can be a customized. If ever it would need moved, it breaks down into three pieces for transport.

Supine Workstation

(image credits: coroflot)

Designer Alan Harp created this concept workstation for computer users who suffer from neck strain. The Supine Workstation allows the user to easily move from a upright to a supine position by simply shifting their weight in the direction desired.

MIW: My Individual Workstation

(image credits: The Design Blog)

My Individual Workstation (MIW) by designer Zeynep Altmisoglu is inspired by a desire to fulfill the “the needs of the industrial product design students.” Her next-gen workstation concept has been designed to provide multiple work surfaces for the industrial product design students. It is Bluetooth enabled so the student can present his project from the ease of this chair. The wheels make it transportable and it can be used for drawing, lounging, or splitting the seat in two for student and professor.

Office Organix ErgoQuest 500

(image credits: Born Rich)

Are there days when you need to work but don’t wish to get out of bed? If so, then the ErgoQuest workstation might be worth considering. The height adjustable workstation is designed for standing, seated, or supine work positions. The work surface has a motorized monitor tilt platform, keyboard tray and arm which allows the tray to tilt through 90°. It provides a range of positions for use in a reclined mode. The table holds up to 400 pounds of equipment from 31° to 50° angles with the push of a button.

Aura Workstation

(image credits: Born Rich)

The Aura workstation provides luxury for the user. Aura offers a 7-way adjustable seating system with inflatable and deflatable cushions, an electronically filtered air-flow atmosphere, a lighting system that reduces eye stain, and a rotation feature that avoids glare. Aura can be programmed to rotate 120° over eight hours.

Gravitonus Workstation

(image credits: gravitonus)

The Gravitonus workstation keeps the user in the most ergonomically optimized position at all times. It features three displays, built-in LED lighting, air conditioning, as well as zone heating of the user’s body. It also has a 5.1 sound system and a subwoofer integrated into the seat back to add a sensation effect. It can be adapted for quadriplegics so that a control unit is placed in the mouth, allowing for breathing, drinking, talking, smoking, and controlling. The price tag is $7,000.

The Emperor Workstation

(image credits: novelquest)

The king of luxury workstations is by far The Emperor 200. Unless nature calls, you would never need to leave this workstation.  The Emperor comes with reclining Recaro seats, three 19 inch monitors, HEPA filters, touchscreen controls, a web cam, and optional PS3.  It rotates 360°, has LED lighting, and a BOSE 5.1 surround sound system. If you aren’t sitting, please do so before sticker shock knocks you down. The Emperor 200 costs $39,950.