LEGO House: Experience Center Made of Interlocking Blocks

lego block building rendering

Fans wanting to fully experience the world of LEGO are sure to marvel at this newly-revealed hometown headquarters – the whole complex is being build up like a giant stack of interlocked bricks.

lego big hometown headquarters

Designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and set to be built in Billund, Denmark, the structure will have displays, cafes and shops surrounded by a public square.

lego building aerial model

Between interior and exterior areas, the completed project will have close to 10,000 square meters of programmed and open space, and its creators anticipate 250,000 annual visitors.

lego experience center interior

lego building at night

The building will showcase past, present and near-future LEGO designs, but also artwork made from LEGOs and other cultural phenomena beyond its original uses.