Antisocial Seating: 14 Distraction-Cutting Privacy Chairs

Privacy Chairs Main
Sometimes you wish the whole loud, distracting, eavesdropping world would just go away, especially when you’re trying to work on your computer or take a private phone call. These clever chair designs will make you feel like it really has with soundproofing elements, hoods and booth-like shields that provide a sense of peace and privacy even if you’re stuck in a busy airport, office or hotel lobby.

Womb-Like Hush Seating

Privacy Chairs Hush 2
Privacy Chairs Hush 1

Hide yourself in a cocoon of wool to work on your laptop or take a little time to yourself. Designer Freyja Sewell’s HUSH looks like an incredibly cozy space, envisioned for busy hotels, airports, offices and libraries.

Objet-O Chair

Privacy Chair Objet O

A massive paper lantern fits onto the back of a chair to offer light and privacy in one, in this fun idea by Korean designer Song Seung-Yong.

Windowseat Lounge

Windowseat Lounge 2
Privacy Chairs Windowseat 1

This sleek, colorful chair features a built-in canopy that shields the user from distractions while still allowing you to lean back and peek around it.

‘Firstcall’ Chair Phone

Firstcall Chair Phone

Need to take a phone call, but there’s no private place to go? Take a seat in the ‘Firstcall’ chair by Dutch designer Ruud van der Wier. Shaped like a classic phone, the padded fabric material of the chair shields the user’s head to mute background noise.

Peekaboo Cantilevered Wing Chair

Privacy Chair Peekaboo

The top of the Peekaboo cantilevered wing chair flips down to provide total sound-absorbing privacy whether you want to make a private call, take a nap or just have a few moments of quiet time. Made of molded formfelt, it features a plexiglass panel in the hood so you can still see around you while inside.