Antisocial Seating: 14 Distraction-Cutting Privacy Chairs

Limbo Chair

Privacy Chairs Limbo

Mold the petal-like backrest panels of the Limbo Chair into a high, cozy back that cradles your body for comfort and privacy, or fold them back for a more open feel.

Private Rocker

Privacy Chairs Rocker

The Private Rocker by Kyle Fleet feels like a private getaway when you’re tucked between the sizable wooden side-panels. Wool lining cuts down on background noise, and an accompanying leather ottoman enables comfy seating positions.

Booth Lounger

Privacy Chairs Booth Lounger

Use the basic black Booth Lounge by Addi Design with or without its removable soft hood. The chair features a quilted exterior and hand-wrapped leather accents.

Prooff Ear Chair

Privacy Chairs Prooff Ear

The EarChair by PROOFF is basically a chair that thinks it’s a soundproof room. In addition to the insulating wings, it features an integrated arm-rest table.

Ahrend Kaigan by Marijn van der Poll

Privacy Chair Ahrend

Dutch designer Marijn van deer Poll took inspiration from traditional wickerwork beach chairs to create the ‘Ahrend Kaigan,’ a chair designed specifically for open-plan offices.