Emoji-Nation: Famous Paintings Revised for the Internet Age

famous edward hopper conversation

In a world of mobile devices, share icons and popup alerts, fine art is interrupted by signs and symbols of our times, adding a jarring layer of technology to recognizably classic works.

famous painting like count

famous add friend hack

famoust summer evening porch

famous art instagram share

Nastya Nudnik is the Kiev-based Ukrainian artist behind this project that pairs emoticons and other digital features with familiar images by renowned artists, from Michelangelo to Edward Hopper.

famous friend requests

classic painting did you mean

classic painting google maps

In her latest set, icons and frames are overlaid on or around artworks, but in other parts of her ongoing series emoji are paired with famous painted faces and modern movie poster are given an historical twist.

famous god is dead

famous disconnected

famous access denied

Some of the jokes are perhaps a bit obvious, so whether one wants to call this art or cartoonish vandalism is an open question. Regardless, more of her work can be found on the creator’s Behance page.