Bigger & Better: The World’s Largest Record-Setting [Blank]

Giant objects are fascinating. The amount of time, effort, and expense that goes into something as banal and fantastic as a pencil that has to be moved by a crane is incredible. It’s no wonder that giant roadside attractions, and fun creations have such a hold over our attention.

Biggest Beer Cans

(Images via sillyamerica, hbd, fabricsgraphicsmag, oddee)

For anyone who has rejected the notion that 12 oz cans should be the standard for drinking beer, welcome to heaven. These beer cans are gigantic in scale and delicious in appearance. Any beer lover wishes they had one of these in their backyard, preferably with a tap.

Giant Balls of Twine

(Images via atlasobscura, facethewind)

The largest ball of twine created by one person is the Johnson Twine Ball, coming in at a whopping 12 feet in diameter, and weighing over 10,000 lbs. The largest twine ball built by a community? The nearly 18,000 pound twine ball in Cawker City, Kansas.

Huge Wine Bottles

(picturebugs, elitechoice, popfi, yenra, thelargest)

It’s strange to see something as classy as a bottle of wine supersized into something monstrous. Creating the enormous bottles for these displays is difficult enough, but filling them to the brim takes several barrels.

Shoes for a Giant

(Images via forumgarden, jgoodsonline, guinessworldrecords, metro, frndszonethewondrous)

The entrants for world’s largest shoes are realistic enough to make one feel like an ant. The detail and craftsmanship is incredible. It’s certainly surreal seeing a shoe the size of a large truck being pulled on top of an 18 wheeler.

This Pencil Big Enough?

(Images via thegoldbrick, kedarphotography, richardpettinger, geoffeg)

It is now possible to feel the terror that a blank piece of paper feels every time we prepare to write. A pencil so large that it has to be maneuvered with heavy machinery, this huge monument was created in celebration of a 76th birthday. It has the volume of over 18,000,000 normal number 2 pencils.

Enormous Guns

(Images via techeblog, boardgamegeek, whatsthelatest)

Chances are these guns are the biggest on the range. Unable to be fired without a stable platform, these weapons are definitely more for show than performance. With that said, the punt shotgun can definitely get the job done.

World’s Biggest Fork

(Images via evangel, photobucket)

Springfield, MO is home to the world’s largest fork. It’s interesting to experience what our poor food experiences everyday.

Biggest Elevators

(Images via popsci, gizmag)

The largest elevators in the world are located in the Mitsubishi building in Japan. Able to carry up to 80 people at one time, these conveyors are all about efficiency.