Whatever Floats Your Boat: 29 Wild Watercraft

Boats are boring, right? Except for a motor and some advanced GPS, the basic appearance has remained unchanged for what seems like forever. This couldn’t be more wrong. Here are 29 reasons why.

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Some modern watercraft look like they came straight out of a strange fever dream. Put together out of a discarded jetliner, or carefully crafted out of fine wood (but in the shape of a car), these craft do more than break the mold… they shatter it!

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Boats on stilts look more like giant water striders than marine equipment. This design is surprisingly efficient at a certain scale. It is not nearly as efficient when it’s brought down to the size of a personal watercraft, however…

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Seeing under the water no longer requires a scuba suit and diving lessons. A see-through kayak can do the trick, or if money isn’t an object, why not try out one of the most unique watercraft around – a semi submersible that remains partly underwater for the duration of the journey.

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These sailors have got to be joking, right? These boats take pre-conceived notions of good boat design and spit on them. Who can honestly say they wouldn’t want to ride around a lake in a giant hotdog, or literally zip through the waves on a giant zipper?

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Ever wanted to swim like a dolphin? Believe it or not, this is now possible. The Innespace watercraft can leap out of the waves with surprising agility and cuts through the water with unmatched ease.

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Boats can fly. Really, they can. Whoever decided to hook up a glider with a lightweight inflatable raft was a fun genius. There can be few things less surreal and enjoyable than cruising at low altitudes over a gorgeous lake.

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Personal watercraft don’t have to break the bank! They can be made on the cheap. If a rental sounds more reasonable, try out one of the wacky watercraft available. Low weight, high speed, and a lot of fun!

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Cruising for chicks takes on a new meaning when one literally drives into the water to do it. What could be more cool than riding a car in (or under) the water?