13 DIY Pallet Projects To Load Your House With Charm


Pallets have become all the rage as eco-friendliness, and DIY crafting are becoming the spearhead of a new movement that utilizes pallets as the building blocks for creative weekend projects. Social media sites like Pinterest make sharing off-the-wall ideas as easy as a click, so the mind boggling variety of uses for used pallets are out there for everyone to see.

Pallet Coffee Tables


(Images via palletfurniturecollection, craftynester, etsy)

Pallet coffee tables have a great advantage in that they’re designed to bear weight and stack, making it easy to form them into any shape you’d like. They also have natural gaps that make for an awesome storage space to hide the pile of coffee table stuff (remotes, magazines, etc.) that love to build up. The top left example easily rolls across the floor, and is topped with classy panes of glass to separate the storage space from the usable top of the table. Craftynester came up with an awesome design, and posted it along with step by step progress photos to show others how to copy them. They achieved the perfect coffee table height by using several pallets, and in the process they were able to create a cubby system for storage. Etsy seller GeckosHyde came up with this classy design that forgoes storage for a rustic look.

Pallet Porch Swings


(Images via homedit, pargasjunkyard, woodenpalletfurniture)

Swinging seats are a lot of fun, and the perfect way to hang out on a gorgeous Spring day. The top left chair is definitely unique – as a one-seater was created by cannibalizing the boards from a full pallet and carefully attaching them with rope. The second example maintains the original form of two pallets and creates a comfortable looking two seater using some stain, paint, and really soft cushions. The final example is more like an adventurer’s hammock, utilizing the pallet structure to allow for the perfect outside nap.

DIY Home Theater


(Images via inspirationgreen)

The site Inspiration Green has some excellent pallet inspiration images, including these two that display an incredibly unique and comfortable way to set up a home theater. Imagine the cost of six leather armchairs, versus three tiers of stadium seating made out of pallet stacks.

Pallet Outdoor Furniture


(Images via brightnest, sassy-sparrow, shelterness)

The top image depicts one of the most natural pallet transformations out there, as an entire pallet was placed on top of four table legs to create the perfect rustic seating area. The rugged wood matches perfectly with the decor and keeps it looking super trendy. Sassy Sparrow has a fantastic step by step guide to creating the perfect patio furniture set out of pallets. You can see it here, and the final result is displayed above. Notice the versatility of the pallets, as they can be used in different ways to craft every type of furniture. Last but not least, Shelterness shows these two super easy to make pallet lounge chairs. It might be good to add some cushions to the design, but they certainly look amazing.

Home Garden


(Images via apartmenttherapybrightnest)

Don’t have much room on the porch, but want a full garden? This is by far the easiest pallet project. Simply secure a pallet against the wall, and use its natural shape to house a variety of flowers and herbs into a mini vertical garden. It’s possible to line up a bunch of these in a row if vegetables are on the menu year round.