Imaginary Landscapes: 18 Digital Art Fantasy Worlds

Imaginary Landscapes Main
Alien planets, fantasy worlds and visions of Earth in the distant future are envisioned in stunning detail in these 17 digital paintings by a variety of artists, from students to renowned industry veterans. These otherworldly imaginary landscapes range from game concepts and imagery inspired by fiction to scenes that are entirely borne of the artists’ imaginations.

Spaceship Wreck Yard by Maciej Wojtala

Imaginary Landscapes Wojtala

“I wanted to visualize an idea of an environment covered with old spaceship wrecks, being absorbed by nature and decaying for many years,” writes artist Maciej Wojtala of this piece.

Fantasy Island, Peter Lee

Imaginary Landscapes Fantasy Island Lee

Artist Peter Lee envisions a fantasy island in which people who live harmoniously with and worship nature might just be mistaking nature for technology from another world.

Revenge of the Fallen Concept Art by Ryan Church

Imaginary Landscapes Revenge 1

Imaginary Landscapes Revenge 2

Get a good look at some locations that weren’t seen in detail in the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in the concept art of Ryan Church.

Through the Ancient Valley, Blinck

Imaginary Landscapes Through the Ancient Valley

Inspired by Lord of the Rings, ‘Through the Ancient Valley’ by Blinck depicts on young girl on horseback making her way through a valley featuring statues on a massive scale.

The Extra Planet by Zack Moores

Imaginary Landscapes Extra Planet

A spaceship lands on another planet only to find bizarre life unlike anything ever seen before in this work by Zack Moores.

Tropical Islands by Eva Kedves

Imaginary Landscapes Eva Kedves

Waterfalls, temples and faces carved into the rock make this fantasy landscape by Eva Kedves a unique Southeast Asian-inspired paradise.