Imaginary Landscapes: 18 Digital Art Fantasy Worlds

Setessa (THEROS) by Adam Paquette

Imaginary Landscapes Setessa

Artist Adam Paquette brings Setessa from Magic: The Gathering to life in this digital painting.

Hallowed Isle, Allyn Spiller

Imaginary Landscapes Hallowed Isle

A dangerous-looking landscape with intriguing architecture is illustrated in this ‘quick fantasy concept’ by Alyn Spiller.

Downlink Album Cover by JSanabria

IMaginary Landscapes Downlink

This otherworldly scene was created as an album cover for the band Downlink.

Lost Home by Majed Alharbi

Imaginary Landscapes Alharbi

Rocks rise from the foggy landscape like the fins of monstrous sea creatures in this painting by Majed Alharbi of Secr3t Design.

Game Environment Concept Art by Pablander

Imaginary Landscapes Pablander

Two moons hover in the sky just beyond a mysterious mine on an alien planet in this game environment concept by Pablander.