Imaginary Landscapes: 18 Digital Art Fantasy Worlds

Alien Landscape by Jessica Renk of Valkyrie Art

Imaginary Landscapes Alien Valkyrie

Are these metallic spheres sticking out of the water alien-made, or natural structures on another planet?

Forest (Return to Ravnica) by Adam Paquette

Imaginary Landscapes Forest

Adam Paquette illustrates another ‘Magic: The Gathering’ location with this work, Forest (Return to Ravnica.)

Far Away III by Bani Hilman

Imaginary Landscapes Far Away III

“While riding away under the hot sun, the man came across a giant rock arch structure. He looked up and to his surprise, people inhabited the arch. He stopped riding and just looked on in amazement,” artist Bani Hilman writes of this image inspired by Red Dead Redemption.

Fantasy Landscape by ~WhileSleeping

Imaginary Landscapes While Sleeping

Artist and student Jurgen of Italy envisions the kind of door you just can’t pass without at least trying to gain entrance.

Game Environment Concept by Robert D. Brown

Imaginary Landscapes Robert Brown

“Based on the middle aged star fort, this castle also pulls in onion domes,” writes artist Robert D. Brown of this game environment concept.

Old Planet by Stefana Tserk

Imaginary Landscapes Old Planet Stefana

Stefana Tserk renders some highly unearthly forms in this work entitled ‘Old Planet.’