Steampunk Styling: Victorian Retrofuturism at Home

Victorian interior decorations and accessories are unique and booming crafts that have ignited the steam powered collective imagination. With stuttering engines and well greased gears, these pieces of handcrafted, old fashioned visions of the future make every room a talkingpoint:

Steampunk Clocks

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Gears are so heavily featured in steampunk, that it makes sense for clocks to be a major concentration of delicate fashioners. Overbuilding is the norm with steampunk clocks, and it definitely adds to the aristocratic styling and high class aesthetic.

Cog and Gear Motorcyles

(Images via steampunklaboratory, toxel, automotto)

Steampunk motorcycles are heavily modded, and intricately crafted. With old school stylings in the style of an apocalyptic Mad Max ride, steampunk bikes are intense and beautiful. The integration of form and function is something missing from much of modern machines, and to see this integration is incredibly refreshing.

Unique Lamps

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Steampunk lamps utilize vacuum tubes, finely oiled wood, and carefully wrought iron into creative designs that are each one of a kind pieces.

Modded Workspaces

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People spend increasing amounts of time in their work area, so it’s important for any Victorian fan to deck out their desk with gears and modded laptops.

DIY Decor

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The most dedicated and creative do it yourselfers come up with their own steampunk creations. One of the most interesting is an automatic door opener operated by a specific series of knocks. Putting together an entire room’s decor in steampunk fashion is difficult, but well worth the trouble in exchange for all the conversations it will start.

Steam Powered Wheelchairs

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Whether you’re dressing up as a steampunk Professor X, creating a truly road worthy contraption, or decking out a full time wheelchair, steampunk’s gear-oriented theme works wonderfully with anything on wheels.

Steampunk Accessories

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There are a lot of household accessories required in the modern home, and it’s a great change of pace to add an appliance modded with dark walnut and shining brass tubes and gears. Even if your appliances are built just to look Victorian, it adds style that your Cuisinart can’t stand up against.