Wash, Raise, Repeat: Vertical Top-Loading Dishwasher Saves Time & Space


Dishwashers have become household items in many American homes but have changed little since their invention, leaving room for improvement (especially in cases where ‘room’ is an issue). Many of the small problems associated with the traditional design are not initially obvious until pointed out — we are simply too used to them.


Front-loading versions can take up considerable space while taking dishes in and out. We take for granted, for instance, that the loading and unloading processes often have to be dedicated, all-at-once tasks in kitchens where folded-down doors get in the way. Pushing washer shelves in and out while moving around and loading adds unnecessary time to the equation. Front-loader doors also represent a potential point of failure if their water seals are degraded or damaged.


Designers Moshen Jafari Malek and Behzad Taheri have decided to take a different approach, developing a top-loading variant that addresses workflow and leaks as well as space issues.

Putting the spray bar in the center also eliminates another problem with certain conventional designs: getting things equally clean on all racks and levels. The designers also note that a variable-height center shelf could allow more versatility in terms of including larger pots and pans.

At the same time, the vertical design avoids messing with what works: porous wire-frame shelves and side containers for silverware. It makes you wonder: what other ordinary appliances are just waiting for a simple but powerful redesign?