True Transformers: Normal Cars Turned Monstrous

Car modifications are sometimes awesome, often horrible, and always expensive. The best of the best are horribly expensive, and awesome enough to take your breath away. Adding a spoiler or special rims is easy, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. These cars turn heads.

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Fans of recreational games will get a kick out of these mobile basements; vehicles that have been converted into play palaces. Grab some World of Warcraft at a stoplight, shoot some pool in the parking lot, or play some friends on the Xbox 360 on a long car ride.

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Wheels are too old school for some intrepid military types. If one really wants to off-road military style, it’s important to slap on some heavy duty treads to get through the muckiest mud, or the must rugged terrain.

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Fanboys and girls are always looking to spice up their ride as an homage to their favorite film or character, but it’s not often that one has the funds to make this dream come true. Thank goodness for the most dedicated fans out there, who have the time and money to bring us such wonderful tributes to our favorite films, including Batman, Ghostbusters, Hellboy, and of course, Star Wars.

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Some drivers are convinced their car has the soul of a monstrous lion. Who’s to argue when that vehicle is turned into a ground eating mini monster truck that could literally ride over half the cars in a parking lot.

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Don’t ever forget the interior of a car. While the outside is eye-catching and impressive, the interior is the car’s soul. This is where the driver becomes the captain of their own beautiful ride. Whether one favors over the top statements like a shag rug interior, or the sleek futuristic lighting of a concept car, it’s important to save room in one’s budget to complete a modded car correctly.

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1950’s era car fins have been given an incredible, anime style hyperbolic facelift that is as over the top as it is impressive. It’s undeniable that the owners of these ramped up vans are true characters in an overwhelmingly conformist culture.

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The spectrum of car mods are limitless, whether one wants to pursue the look of a favorite animal, turn the car into a moving joke, or terrify other drivers looking back in their mirrors, any modded car will impress other drivers, if only because they are so rare.

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Some cars are so manipulated that they’ve lost most signs of their former shape. In these cases, the car has become an entirely new creature, similar to its former self in only one way: its function.

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Bosozoku is a Japanese subculture linked to gangs. These gangs will heavily mod their vehicles in specific ways to show their allegiance to other gang members, and to showcase their wealth. These designs may seem comical to outsiders, but they have a very real function in gang politics.

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It’s easy to overlook the importance of a paint job in adding character to a car. The bland single shades of most cars on the road seem fine until one takes a look at the small niche of truly beautifully painted vehicles. Airbrushed vans and carefully detailed carsare refreshing in their uniqueness.