Modular Minimalism: 5-Part Kit to Create Infinite Furniture

Beds, tables, shelves, chairs, couches and loveseats can be created in effectively any configuration using this series of essential elements in all sorts of stacks and arrays.

modular stacked furniture design

Created by Austrian designer Matthias Dornhofer, the FREI_RAUM (or: free room/space) system is primarily composed of cushions, wooden legs and plywood platforms as well as a single mobile light.

modular used as seating

modular bedroom configuration layout

Aligned in a row, cushioned platforms can create various seating arrangements or even a single-person bed with headboard and footboard. Placed vertically, the same platform elements become a shelving system.

modular playful furniture arrangements

modular infinite variety furniture

Given the ease of transforming the system, part of the fun is presumably being able to change a room on a whim without much thought, experimenting with various layouts or shifting things around for guests.

modular minimalist furniture system

modular furniture system complete

The pass-through pegs are set halfway into surfaces above (and/or below) provide additional stability and to obviate the need for connectors, at least in theory – in practice one has to wonder if there is some structural risk in the horizontal direction at these points of connection.