Robot Tattoos: Awesome Works of Mechanical Body Art

Robots are intrinsically fascinating, especially now that we almost have the technological capability to create what once was only a science fiction fan’s dream. We’re not quite there, however, and so we continue to give life to our imaginations of a robot inhabited world through the most permanent means at our disposal: ink. Here are some of the most creative and well done robot tattoos around:

Toy Robots

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Vintage toy robots are sparking fountains of nostalgia, and it’s quite popular to use these childhood inspirations to good use, as foundations for a robust and creative robot tattoo.

Biomechanical Tattoos

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For those who feel more than just an affinity with androids, there are ways to make you seem a bit more mechanical, and all it takes is a little peek under the skin. These realistic biomechanical tattoos are intense and extremely well done.


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There’s plenty of room to get creative with robot designs… like this ominous angel, clunky thinker, and ailing piece of junk.

Robot Love

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Much of popular culture involving robots deals with the differences between man and machine, with a main focus being emotion. Can robots learn to feel? Whether they can or not in reality, they certainly can in our tattoos.

Creative Robots

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Some robot artists choose to take the clunky robot to another level, using their artistic skill and creative vision to create something unique and wonderful.

Robots in Pop Culture

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Robots in popular television shows and cartoons provide a plethora of robot characters to choose from for body art, or at least, inspiration.

Go Big!

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Robots are all about being giant and menacing. Full of mechanical power and intimidating height and strength, it’s natural that you’d want your robot tattoo to have the same larger than life presence.

Endless Variety

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There is an incredible variety of robot tattoos, but the room for variation is endless. One of the few things robots don’t have is imagination, so use yours and come up with an even cooler design!