Yarn Bombs! 51 Victims of Knitted Graffiti

Yarn bombing is graffiti that grandmothers approve of! They consist of quickly knitted additions to street objects and sculptures. Why? Because it’s fun! (Telephone Box via KnittheCity additional links and credits below).

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Yarn bombers often have a political or social message they’d like to convey. More often than not, that message is simply “enjoy this,” as these urban knitters tend to be out for some fun.

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Trees get cold if they’re not given a sweater; at least, this must be how yarn bombers think, considering how much joy they get out of wrapping tree trunks in festive knitwear.

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To knit something in a public space requires a lot of skill and speed. The result always brings a smile to people’s faces. It’s hard not to grin when a seat on the subway has been given a homey knitted treatment.

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Yarn bombers like to show off their skills with careful and accurate lettering… so accurate, that one could ditch the original street sign without a problem.

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Public statues are sitting ducks for legions of yarn bombers. They’ll come out in the off hours and swarm over public art to turn it into something even more interesting.

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Functional street objects need a little love now and then. Careful knitting will plaster them with colorful creations and turn them into something a lot less cold and utilitarian.

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Street lights and telephone poles don’t have a chance. Some yarn bombers like to add a little flair to otherwise mundane objects. Any kind of standing structure is at risk.

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Fences and rails require a different style of knitting, but that doesn’t deter the hardcore yarn bombers, who endeavor to spice up every aspect of their beloved city.

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Now these are eye-catching! Imagine a bus driver leaving their ride out for a few days and coming back to see it in dazzling color. Some of these rides can still be driven, though one hopes they’re able to stay out of the rain!

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Most people have their bike stolen when they leave it on the street. The lucky ones just have it decorated.