Nailed It: 3D Printed Manicures Are Frighteningly Awesome

3D Printed Nail Art 3

We knew that 3D printing would make the creation of all sorts of amazing and unpredictable things possible, but we honestly didn’t see this one coming: frighteningly intricate, claw-like artificial nails. Cutting-edge robotic technologies now allow anyone with access to ‘print’ everything from medical prosthetics and lingerie to cars and entire houses. Add 3D-printed nails with names like ‘Armored Castle’ to the list.

3D Printed Nail Art 2

Manicures have gotten increasingly complicated with the option of adding all sorts of artistic elements, but a Shapeways shop called The Laser Girls truly takes them to the next level (and some.) Their 3D-printed creations come in a range of styles, sizes, materials and colors, and all of them look like they could do some serious damage if you’re not careful with your fingers.

3D Printed Nail Art 4

3D Printed Nail Art 5

The pyramidal ‘Kingdom Nails’ come in bronze-infused stainless steel, altering the meaning of the cliched saying ‘tough as nails.’ Other designs are made of strong and flexible nylon plastic with a smoother finish.

3D Printed Nail Art 1

These extreme artificial nails aren’t made for extended use; they’re applied using either nail glue or thin mounting tape like the sort used for scrapbooking. Explore lots more crazy (and purchasable!) 3D printed objects at Shapeways.