Decor on Demand: 14 3D-Printed Home Accents

3D Printed Home Decor Main

3D printing has enabled designers to take the manufacturing process into their own hands for the creation of one-of-a-kind objects, many of which you can buy to liven up your home decor. The computer-generated designs are printed in three dimensions in materials like plastic, ceramic and metal, and are often based on mathematical algorithms. Here are 14 lamps, light switches, tea cups and more that are available for purchase.

Jellyfish Lamp Shade

3D Printed Home Decor Jellyfish Lamp

This intricate two-piece Jellyfish lampshade was designed using fractal techniques and 3D computer-aided design methods, inspired by a modified Mandelbulb fractal. The dangling ‘tentacles’ are chains that billow around in the wind. It works with a standard IKEA bulb kit.

Aqueduct Mini Planter Set

3D Printed Home Decor Aqueduct Planter

This 10-pack of Aqueduct Mini Planters hooks together into a modular system that shares water from one unit to the next. The water flows from the top planters into the bottom. Made up of 3 double-channel planters and 7 single-channel planters, it can be assembled in all sorts of configurations and hooked up with additional sets to create window-sized screens of plants.


3D Printed Home Decor Switch-a-Lope

This fun light switch plate adds both visual interest and extra functionality: the antlers can be used as hooks for keys or to hold your cell phone.

Star Lamp

3D Printed Home Decor Star Lamp

You can get this cool star lamp customized to a specific place, date and time in history to reproduce the sky of a special moment, like when you were born. Printed in sandstone and fitted with a battery-operated light, it makes for a cool accent lamp or night light.

1st Floor Mug

3D Printed Home Decor 1st Floor Mug

Says the designer of this unusual 3D-printed mug, “In the grand manner of the very best salons of old, this mug is raised up on an arcade so that it may occupy the airy summit of its own ‘Piano Nobile’. Elevated above the common detritus of your breakfast table, this dining item elegantly maintains the dignified sanctity of your morning brew.”

Pencil Icosahedron

3D Printed Decor Pencil Icosahedron

Build your own three-dimensional Icosahedron out of 30 pencils using a simple kit of 3D-printed plastic joints. The resulting object can be used as a functional lampshade, a toy or decor. You can even adjust the size by using shorter or longer pencils.

Birds Nest Egg Cup

3D Printed Home Decor Bird Egg Cup

Put a bird (back) on your egg with these cute little 3D-printed egg cups, which will hold medium eggs or flex to accommodate larger-sized eggs.