Decor on Demand: 14 3D-Printed Home Accents

Nuke Lamp

3D Printed Home Decor Nuke Lamp

The unique Nuke Table Lamp has complex surfaces “created using real fluid dynamics simulations.”

Rocket Espresso Cup

3D Printed Home Decor Rocket Cup

Now here’s a fun cup that pays tribute to the effects of a shot of espresso. The Rocket Espresso Cup was “specially designed with fins, to ensure the successful deployment of your rocket fuel.”

Snowflame Candle Holder

3D Printed Home Decor Candle Holder

The Snowflame 3D-printed candle holder was inspired by “the idea of bringing together the essential element of fire with the future of manufacturing.” Its design is based on a parametric generated structure.

Klein Bottle Opener

3D Printed Home Decor Klein Bottle

The name and design of this bottle opener is a little tongue-in-cheek: it’s based on the Klein Bottle mathematical joke of a surface with only one side. It’s also really neat looking.

Geometric Stag Head Model

3D Printed Home Decor Stag

Why have a dead deer head hanging in your house when you could have a modern, geometric 3D-printed one instead?

Teeth Tea Cup

3D Printed Home Decor Teeth Cup

Our discomfort with proximity to other people’s teeth, perhaps based on early survival instincts in avoidance of predators (also: germs), inspired the design of the Teeth Tea Cup. Says the designer, “Is this object then successful in its design to prevent gluttonous behavior should food and drink only be offered in the cup?”

Computational Vase

3D Printed Home Decor Computational Vase

Each vase in this series was generated using a different computational technique: beginning with a single dimensional iteration which proceeds through “multi-dimensional iteration” and then into recursion. The designer explains that the vases are intended to “enhance the algorithmic beauty of the flowers they contain.”