Bake a Movie: Star Wars Cakes That Will Make You a Fan

The Star Wars franchise was a phenomenon that rocked the world, and spawned an entire industry of offshoots, from television shows, to cereals. What’s most amazing about the Star Wars universe is how well it continues to resonate in American culture. There are countless examples of interesting Star Wars merchandising efforts, but here are some homegrown edible homages to some of the most beloved films of all time:

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Baking a cake is tricky enough, without having to make it stand on four articulated legs. It’s this management of the AT-AT’s design that makes these cakes so impressive. These homemade beauties do an excellent job replicating one of the Empire’s most awkward and unusual vehicles.

(Images via narwilliams, geeky-gadets, debbiedoescakes, official star wars blog)

Yoda is well loved because of his odd sense of humor, and fantastic cadence. His antics in the first three Star Wars films have given him even more pull with today’s youth, so it makes sense that he’d be featured in a lot of birthday cakes. I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel scooping out his eye after blowing candles out on his forehead, but these cakes definitely look good.

(Images via official star wars blog, gizmodo, pixelbits)

There are so many different ways to go when making a Star Wars cake. Here are a few examples: The generic Star Wars cake you might get for a fan of the series without being too creative about it, the death star, for a challenge, and Han Solo frozen in carbonite, for someone who is quite familiar with the series and wanted points for choosing an interesting subject.

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One of the most memorable scenes from Star Wars took place on the ice planet Hoth, when Han Solo saved Luke by placing him inside the carcass of his steed (a Taun Taun). This couple decided to commemorate one of their favorite Star Wars moments with one of the greatest cakes I’ve seen. The gross subject matter makes the cake that much more interesting as a wedding cake.

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Even the lesser known characters in Star Wars get in the limelight on occasion, as exemplified by these cakes. Jabba the Hutt and the robotics-scavenging Jawa are both residents of the desert planet Tatooine, and this blue band member is straight out of Jabba’s palace in the original Empire Strikes Back film.

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R2D2 is an all time favorite character – how can you not like his anthropormorphized antics and sense of humor? A great foil to his always tentative and uptight robotic partner C-3PO, R2D2 provides some great comic relief, and showcases a consistent loyalty that wins over plenty of fans.

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The Millennium Falcon is frequently characterized as a rusty hunk of junk in the Star Wars films, but Han Solo doesn’t let this get him down, as he knows she has a lot of life left in her. Large enough to stand on its own in a fight, and small enough to have some real agility, this spaceship is well worth baking a cake out of.

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Chewbacca is like a gigantic teddy bear, and is just asking to be baked into a cake. From the stylized depiction, to a more realistic vision, any Chewbacca cake is bound to be a hit at the party.