445 Fantastic Modern Furniture, Furnishing & Fixture Designs

Make room: the art of furniture making has expanded dramatically with advent of ever-new technologies and the extension of mass-production to furnishings and fixtures. Combining aesthetically awesome concepts with the most amazing materials and the latest gadgetry, these furniture designers are pushing the envelope on everything from everyday chairs, beds and tables to mirrors, rugs and wallpaper.

88 Fantastic Modern Furniture Designs (by Type)

Chairs, tables, beds and bookshelves are some of the stereotypical essentials of interior design – which means that they are in many cases at the heart of design innovation. Some of them involve high-tech advances of serve multiple purposes while others push design precedents to the limit.

20 Brilliant Bookshelves and Bookcase Designs (and More): Beginning with the basics does not mean going generic. These bookcases, bookshelves and shelving systems are anything but ordinary. Some double (or triple) their uses by transforming or serving more than one purpose at once. Others are stunningly integrated with interior designs.

20 Creative Chairs and Crazy Chair Designs: We sit in chairs for much of the day but rarely take notice of them – until now. These chairs beg for attention, being made from all kinds of offbeat materials or shaped to look like anything from the human form to giant logs, amorphous monsters and even raw meat, muscle and sinew.

18 Brilliant Beds and Bizarre Bed Designs: Beds are another place we spend much of the time but also take for granted – unless you own one of these. From the hilarious mouse-trap bed to space-aged and otherwise futuristic and multi-functional designs these will make you want to spend all of your time sleeping the days away.

16 Terrific Tables and Terrifying Table Designs: Tables are places where we come together in the center of rooms and houses. Don’t these conceptual centers of our spaces deserve special attention? From the eerie dripping-blood table to the elegant piano-shaped table, here are some transforming, collapsing and otherwise clever table designs.

14 Curious Cabinets and Strange Storage System Designs: Storage is often relegated to secondary status when it comes to interior furniture design. However, since it is a fact of life for everyone anyway there seems no need to downplay its importance. Some designers have indeed done anything but that.

55 Convertible, Prefab & Recycled Furniture Designs

Some designers have added another challenge to their visions of the future of furniture. Some see how many things a single piece of furniture can be made to do while others show off the sustainability of their pet projects through the very materials that show through in the finished works and products.

10 Transforming, Collapsing and Converting Furniture Designs (and More): Some furniture goes beyond stylishly eccentric and aesthetically innovative. These transforming, collapsing and converting furniture pieces break the mold in every possible way.

20 Ingenious Pieces of Sustainable Flat-Pack Urban Furniture: Flat pack furniture is not only more sustainable in terms of ease of shipping and material savings but it can also make an aeshetic statement with minimal materials and simple assemblies.

20 Radically Sustainable and Stylish Recycled Furniture Designs (and More): Recycled furniture is a great way to show off the material origins of your furniture while also doing your part for the environment. Sustainable, stylish and most certainly not simple in appearance.

5 Innovative Industrial Designs with Packing as the Product: There are other furniture, fixtures and interior design accessories that combine flat pack and recycled approaches to reuse packing materials as a key integral part of the finished products.

114 Fascinating and Funky Modern Furnishings

Fixed furniture pieces are not the only way to spice up an interior spaces. The flexibility of furnishings – from mirrors and mats to clocks and coat racks – means that most people can much more easily show off their aesthetic eccentricities by simply adding these to their existing home.

20 Utterly Uncanny Lights and Light Fixture Designs: Take these funky lamps and lighting fixtures, for example, that can brighten up your home in all kinds of ways. A hanged man or a light to curl up with?

16 Mesmerizing Mirrors with Radical Reflections: seem to serve a fixed purpose and have a standard shape, leaving only their frames to make a statement. Not so with these distorted mirror designs.

18 Crazy Ways to Hang your Hat or Coat: Once you hang your hat on a rack no one sees it anyway, right? Well, that depends on what kind of coat or hat rack you use – or just surprise them on the way out.

24 Kooky, Crazy and Creative Alternative Clock Designs: Yes, even clocks can surprise you. Some of these are incredibly difficult to read but they may also make you rethink your entire concept of time.

21 Radical Rugs and Must-See Mat Designs: Rugs and mats are not just a floor covering anymore. They can serve multiple purposes by morphing into other forms and furniture objects.

15 Inspired, Innovative and All-Around Wonderful Wallpapers: can cover up even the worst paint job with relative ease, but more than that: wallpaper is a simple way to make massive house-wide statement.

99 Fixtures & Other Eccentric Interior Design Objects

Fixtures are another fantastic way to take essential elements of your home and transform them into engaging and interactive pieces that can last a lifetime. As with furnishings, adding fixtures often costs less and can can range from small temporary gestures to permanent interior designs.

18 Beautiful Baths and  Sensational Shower Designs: Bath, shower and other bathroom fixture designs are notoriously pragmatic – often the barest minimum of thought goes into their implementation – until now.

16 Sweet Modern Sinks and Wash Basin Designs: Sinks and wash basins are probably the next most notoriously unloved fixtures in most homes. But why settle for something simple and functional?

5 of the Most Eccentric and Expensive Toilets: A toilet is likely the last place most people want to spend thousands of dollars. In some cases, like space missions, the expense is a must – in others, not so much.

5 of the Most Amazing Fish Aquarium Designs: Aquariums are rarely considered fixtures but for fish lovers integrating them right into the heart of the home can be a way to create a inter-species living space.

15 Great Geek Home Entertainment Systems and Centers: Geeks, as the stereotype goes, love technology and gadgets and spending a disproportionately large amount of the time at home. These prove it.

15 Great Geek Home Fixtures, Furnishings and Gadgets: Geeks also love their gadgets whether at work, traveling or at home. These geeky home gadgets make strong statements and serve strange purposes.

15 Spectacular Staircases and Staircase Designs: Staircases are usually built right into a house from the beginning but if you are considering expanding your home or adding a second floor.

10 of the Coolest and Hottest Coffee and Tea Mugs: The coffee mug is a personal accessory that most of us have with us each and every morning. What does your favorite coffee mug say about you?

89 Fantastic Modern Furniture Designs (by Room)

Finally, there is more than one way to think about how to get furniture for your home. Instead of browsing by type – which presumes you know what you are looking for in the first place – peruse these furniture designs room by room and see what might be missing from your favorite spaces.

8 Modern Bedroom Furniture Designs: We spend nearly a third of our lives in the bedroom and yet we frequently find ourselves decorating it last. Turn your dreary dreamspace into a lively and lush living space.

18 Modern Living Room Furniture Designs: The living room is the heart of a house – the gathering, meeting and lounging space. With these modern living room furniture designs you are unlikely to ever leave yours.

9 Modern Office Furniture Designs: While you might not like it you will likely spend much of your life at the office, toiling away at a potentially uncomftable desk while sitting in a similarly sad chair – or not?

8 Modern Dining Room Furniture Designs: The dining room is one of the newest additions to interior home spaces. This does not mean, however, that dining room furniture is any worse for the lack of wear.

5 Modern Kitchen Furniture Designs: Whether you love cooking, hate it or simply want to make your life in the kitchen easier there is some kind of transforming or fabulously futuristic kitchen furniture for you.

10 Modern Kids Furniture Designs: When it comes to kids furniture the sky is the design limit. After all, children can appreciate the offbeat and fantastic in art and design far better than their elders at times.

22 Modern Garden Furniture Designs: Garden furniture is free to take on a radically different character than your standard home furniture – these examples explore the imaginative limits of garden furniture design.

11 Modern Outdoor Furniture Designs: Of course, furniture meant to be kept outdoors has to be tough, durable and able to weather well – but that does not mean it has to be simple metal or plastic design.