File Under Fiction: Artful Self-Help Book Covers Speak to Human Conditions

Like the old “picture worth 1,000 words” adage, these book covers use just a little language and as context for larger messages. Perhaps the more appropriate phrase would be some turn on: “what you don’t say speaks volumes.”

Designed by Johan Deckmann, an artist as well as psychotherapist, these self-help spoofs tackle existential issues most people can relate to, all using a combination of cover, color, layout and juxtaposition.

The various pieces address the difficulty of finding true love, the complexity of understanding ourselves and others, and the rarity of really good ideas (and propenderous of bad ones).

A final phrase to consider in light of these light-hearted works of art: “laughter is the best medicine.” The books are not his only message-based works along these lines, but they seem to say the most.