Cool Coatracks: 18 Crazy Ways to Hang your Hat or Coat

Crazy Coat Hooks and Racks

Wherever you hang your hat (or coat), that’s your home. No modern dream home is complete without a dazzling, eye-catching coat rack – and there is plenty of options to choose from. Here are 18 coat racks that are unafraid to hang up traditional designs and do something a little more creative and unexpected.

Knife Hooks + Dart Hooks

Images: tc studio and elsewheres.

It is not hard to see how the designers came up with the idea for these metal wall-mounted coat rack hooks. If you want your hallway to look like the aftermath of a Godfather-style disagreement, these Knife Hooks (which are screwed into the wall rather than stuck in) will be ideal. And for a slightly less intimidating take on the same theme, you could try these wall-mounted Dart Hooks, held firmly in place by their screw-head tips.

Die Electric & Shed Hooks

Images: Die Electric and Bouf.

Here is a hook with a message – namely, “Turn The Lights Off When You’re Done”. Keen to wean the modern world off its electricity supply, designer Scott Amron has created a range of fun way to encourage people to reach for the Off switch, including this fully-working Light Switch Hook. Similarly multi-purpose, the Shed Hook is designed to hold your keys, bags, mail and gloves as well as your coat.

Symbol Hooks

Image: Desu Design.

When not in use, the Symbol Coat Rack lines your wall like a colorful LED-dotted appliance, encouraging you to concoct some appalling fable about having computerised your whole house when visitors call by.  If they want to hang their coat, your lie is found out: each of the colored strips cunningly slides out into a hook. Also available in monochrome aluminium, if metal is your thing.

Ivy & Hakeln Hooks

Images: Cooper Hewitt Museum and Design3000.

Maybe you feel coat racks are too regimented and get in the way of your creative urges. In which case, why not try building one? The Ivy and Häkeln racks come in modular form, and it is up to you to decide how and where they spread out over your hallway. Wind them around your existing furniture, paint pictures, spell out rude words – it is completely up to you.

Lasso Coat Rack

Image: Stolenwood.

Half Wild West and half Indian Rope Trick, the Catching The Wild coat rack is a startling sight. It’s constructed from steel and polyester rope formed into a remarkably convincing lasso. If you feel like all your coats are starting to get away from you, this is just the thing.


Image: Etsy.

But however startling a floating rope is, it is nothing compared to this. The gruesomely-named Dismembered Baby Doll Coat Rack doesn’t seem content to wait for your coat – it is reaching out to snatch it from your grasp. This is not a piece of furniture to accidentally put your hands on when the lights are off, unless you are of a highly serene disposition.

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