Cool Coatracks: 18 Crazy Ways to Hang your Hat or Coat

Gear Stick + Late Autumn + Pencil Coat Racks

Images: Artful Home and BanalExtra and TFTS.

It seems there’s a coat rack for every profession. For the gardener, the Late Autumn rack provides a reassuringly familiar sight (with no danger of accidentally stepping on the wrong end).  Writers are bound to take note of this Oversized Pencils rack. And for those with a penchent for driving cars or spreading their inner workings out over the garage floor, the Gear Stick Coat Rack should elicit a grin of approval.

Range Coat Rack

Image: Vitamin D(esign).

At first glance, it looks like someone has taken an axe to this coat rack – but look closer. Beautifully carved from maple, the Coat Range is in fact a line of mountain peaks, the natural grain of the wood adding a subtle sense of perspective. Crafted from excess cut sheets of week, these Grand Teton inspired pieces of furniture provide a scenic view to hang your hat on.

Entwined Root + Twist Coat Rack

Images: VivaTerra and Design Within Reach.

The best designers know the value of imitating nature. With the Entwined Root Coat Stand, the intention is not to stray too far from the original material, leaving it up to the coat-owner to work out where the hooks are. The Twist coatrack is a much more regular and predictable double-helix arrangement, yet still highly evocative of intertwined branches (the prongs themselves are of beech, while the binding is steel and plastic).

Image: Unless.

Yet half the fun is finding wholly new designs – and it’s unlikely Nature will be coming up with something like the HangUp rack anytime soon. Fashioned from sustainably grown hoop pine plywood, this rack comes complete with recesses for hats, gloves or shoes – and a hint of traditional Japanese architecture.

Buss + Toda Coat Racks

Images: Garsnas and Notch Design.

And finally, two racks that are unashamedly modern. Notch Design’s Toda has a series of sinuous fold-out pegs complete with a central hole to thread your scarf through. And the gloriously minimalist Buss 4562 is a tiny-footprint (or the wall equivalent) coat rack in stained or lacquered birch studded with stainless steel hooks and knobs. You may want to label it for the benefit of guests!

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