Briefskate: Skateboard with Storage Holds Your Belongings

Briefskate Skateboard Storage 1
Would you trust your skateboard to hold sensitive personal belongings, like your laptop or phone? The Briefskate has a built-in storage compartment designed to hold electronics, books, wallets and other small items in a lined interior compartment while you’re skating.

Briefskate Skateboard Storage 2

Briefskate Skateboard Storage 3

The idea is to eliminate the need to carry a backpack – though you’d better have a safe place to store your skateboard once you get to your destination. Designed by Alexei Novitzky, the Briefskate contains a padded, shock-resistant chamber to hold whatever you need to transport.

Briefskate Skateboard Storage 4

Of course, there’s always the chance you’ll wipe out and somehow manage to damage the items contained inside – but that’s a risk when you’re carrying them in a bag while skating, too. The Briefskate is available in long and mini versions, and they’re about to launch a Kickstarter campaign.