Meatium as Art: Meat & Fruit Sculptures of Dimitri Tsykalov

Dimitri Tsykalov will never be accused of being uninspired with his medium, or artistic message. He frequently uses unique substances to create thought provoking pieces; with fruit skulls, meat armor, and wooden organs on his resume, he’s an artist with a message and the skills to get it across. Here are some of his most awesome pieces of art:

Wooden Organs

(Images via kilometerzero, kilometerzero, chicapod)

Dimitri has created a series of realistic organs made out of wood, including a brain, heart, and lungs. Hanging in an art exhibit, or on the wall, these surprisingly realistic creations are sure to catch your attention.

Fruit Skulls

(Images via lemmemakeit, odditycentral, booooooom, shockblast)

Fruit is not an intimidating artistic medium, but Dimitri Tsykalov gives it a morbid spin with his intriguing fruit skulls. These anatomically correct sculptures are eerie and definiteley appetite killing.

Wooden Cars

(Images via pulpfactor, ffffound)

Continuing his habit of creating art out of ironic and interesting materials, his wooden car sculptures look like they could drive off at any moment, leaving behind a cloud of pine needles.

Meat Weaponry (Slightly NSFW)

(Images via exporevueprettynoizecatgirlmeowingdesignasidedesignyoutrust)

Dimitri Tsykalov isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, as this series of photos attests. Draping nude figures in meat shaped like weapons of war, he creates an aggressive, barbaric atmosphere. The blood lust of these soldiers is reflected by the dripping meat that’s hanging off of them like armor.