Small Space Design: 15 Fold-Up, All-In-One Bathrooms

Compact Bathrooms Main
Making the most of limited living space requires modular solutions that can be moved around and altered at will, and that includes bathroom fixtures. Smart, compact modular or all-in-one bathroom solutions add extra luxuries to tiny rooms, rather than taking them away, making room for tubs, saunas, spacious vanities and storage along with necessities like toilets and sinks. Here are 15 intriguing space-saving bathroom concepts.

Fold-Up Bathtub

Compact Bathrooms Fold Up Tub 1

Compact Bathrooms Fold Up Tub 2

Few people in small urban apartments are lucky enough to have a bathtub. But that kind of relaxing amenity would be more possible if more bathtub designs resembled this one. Designer Dominik Chojnacki envisions a fold-up tub that nestles up against the wall when not in use. Too bad it doesn’t double as a shower for ultimate adaptability.

‘Oneself’ For the Person Who Lives Alone

Compact Bathrooms Oneself

In a one-room apartment where privacy isn’t a problem, perhaps something like this would work (though it would be better if it was at least partially walled off): a gridded wall that opens to reveal a sink, toilet and shower along with storage for towels and other items.

Super-Compact Flight Concept

Compact Bathrooms Flight Concept 1

Compact Bathrooms Flight Concept 2

This modular all-in-one bathroom concept combines a shower, sink, tub and vanity in one compact unit. A portion of the ‘Flight’ cabinet folds down to become an elevated bathtub.

Bathroom on a Wall

Compact Bathrooms FluidWall

Here’s another concept that hides bathroom fixtures in a wall so they’re out of the way when not in use. Each panel of the Fluid Wall has identical hidden mounting points so various components can be swapped out as desired by the user including sinks, toilets, shelves and storage.

Space-Saving Tulip Shower

Compact Bathrooms Tulip Shower 2

Compact Bathrooms Tulip Shower 1

The Tulip Shower is an actual dual-usage, fold-up fixture that serves as a shower when standing or a tub when laying down. It looks sort of like a futuristic space pod full of high-powered massagers and underwater jets. The back surface of the shower provides a space to lean against when you’re lounging in the tub.