Small Space Design: 15 Fold-Up, All-In-One Bathrooms

All-In-One Water-Saving Toilet

Compact Bathrooms All In One Toilet 1

Compact Bathrooms All In One Toilet 2

A sink, vanity platform and toilet are contained within the Home Core Integrated Toilet by Dang Gingwei, with wash water from the sink going into the toilet tank to conserve resources. You can also add fresh water at the push of a button, and control the water pressure to the sink.

Flat-Folding Shower

Compact Bathrooms Flat Folding Shower

For something most of us use once a day at most, showers certainly take up a lot of room. This clever design entitled ‘OpenSpace’ features folding glass doors that can be pressed flat against the wall, helping the room to feel larger. Optional mirrored shower doors provide even more extra function.

Fold-Out Bathroom Fixtures

Compact Bathrooms Fold Out Fixtures 1

Compact Bathrooms Fold Out Fixtures 2

This wall-mounted fold-out bathroom wall is more compact than those previously featured, with three panels containing the minimum fixtures required including a tub, sink and toilet. The Cirrus MVR modular bathroom is built around a central water recycling and purifying unit, so it saves water, too.

Aquabox Modular Bathroom

Compact Bathrooms Aquabox 1

Compact Bathrooms Aquabox 2

Another water-conserving modular concept sets the bar a little higher in terms of aesthetics, with a sleek and modern look. Massimo Brugnera’s Aquabox is a shower stall with attached toilets and sinks, and includes a gray water capture and purification system capable of cleansing up to 80 liters of water captured from the drains. This water is then used to flush the toilet.

Shower Cubicle for Two

Compact Bathrooms Shower Cubicle

Here’s an interesting modular concept for luxury applications. The Revolution is a shower for two with a dry sauna and steam bath in a glass-enclosed cubicle with built-in colored LED lighting.