Reconstructionism: 88 Dramatic Deformations of 1 Building

building montage

His world-famous photo manipulations span the globe but this time with a twist: a single seemingly-unremarkable structure bent, broken, shattered, turned, twisted and reformed in dozens of ways.

building float

building side

building twist

Victor Enrich starts with an intentionally plain subject – an ordinary hotel in Munich, Germany – then begins to unravel it floor by floor, split it up the middle, peal it like an onion, inflate it like a balloon, flip it from side to side and much more. Essentially any adjective you can think of has been visually applied to deform this building.

building deformations

building split

building turn

Like an architect with an over-active imagination or impossibly-demanding client, he envisions seemingly endless configurations while variously (depending on the piece) respecting the overall material, language, volume and (/or) site of the subject structure. Each piece is in some way recognizable with reference to the original, even when it pushes the boundaries of physical possibility.

building bend

building wrap

building explode

The resulting works can be viewed on his site and are summarized in the video shown here. Each is also available as a reasonably-priced print if from his website any grab your eye in particular, or grid editions (multiples on a single print) if you wish to frame your own sequence of deconstructions.