Work Perks: These 13 Offices Are Way More Fun Than Yours

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Maybe you wouldn’t grumble about going back to work on Mondays if your office had putting greens and slides, meetings were held in tree houses, and you could work from ski lift pods or ball pits. Some of the perks at the world’s most fun workplaces – mostly made up of tech companies, natch – include three free meals a day, nap areas, fish tank relaxation rooms, full bars, arcades, skate ramps and spiraling slides worthy of theme parks.

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Based in San Francisco, the world’s largest games-only technology platform worked with Blitz Architecture to create a fun, interactive environment for employees and visitors alike. Chartboost’s headquarters include a ‘photo op’ wall with an 11-foot-tall dinosaur, a game room with a ball pit and a giant LEGO wall, and five conference rooms with classic game themes like Donkey Kong, Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda.

Red Bull
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fun offices red bull skate ramp

Red Bull’s Mexico City office boasts a grassy hangout spot full of swings for meetings, while the Santa Monica location features an incredible skate ramp that runs through the entire interior.

Missing Link
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South Africa’s Missing Link, a presentation strategy company, sourced salvage materials to put together a fun and imaginative office in just six weeks. The results include a treehouse, fire pole, playground slide, shooting range and caravan.

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YouTube’s main headquarters in San Bruno, California mixes work and play with a massive red slide, a putting green, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, nap pods and bicycles and scooters to get around the sizable complex.

fun offices google zurich

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Google is renowned for having not only an enviable range of employee perks, but also some incredibly creative work environments at their offices around the world. The Zurich location is particularly noteworthy with its fish tank relaxation room, ski lift work pods, slides, karaoke room and multiple game rooms.