Dead Media: Art Installation Created with 497 VHS Tapes

What do you do with 497 obsolete VHS tapes? Noah Scalin ripped them apart and made them into a giant three-dimensional skull-shaped art installation entitled ‘Dead Media‘. The proprietor of Skull-A-Day has been making a skull a day, every day, since June 4th, 2007.

Scalin was commissioned to create the project by Tidewater Community College Visual Arts Center, which supplied him some of the video tapes. Others came from friends and his own collection. Some of the titles that can be spotted among the destroyed mass are notably obscure, like ‘Valdez Winter Update 10-25-89, Exxon Company U.S.A.’

Says Scalin, “In the spirit of the famous painting The Ambassadors by Hand [sic] Holbein the Younger, the skull was created to only look correct from one point and is actually quite distorted in real life.”

Other skull projects that have been featured on the site were made of turnips, scrap metal, a pile of books, flower petals, bullet holes and grated crayons.