Work Perks: These 13 Offices Are Way More Fun Than Yours

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Working at LEGO is already fun as it is, but combine the fact that you get to play with toys for a living with a really cool work environment, and you’ve got pretty sweet gig. The company’s office in Billund, Denmark includes huge grass wall graphics, a giant LEGO man, tables with built-in bonsai gardens and, of course, slides.

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Gaming company Zynga, responsible for all of those FarmVille and CityVille alerts you get from your relatives on Facebook, fills a six-floor, 556,000-square-foot building in San Francisco complete with a giant atrium, a wellness center and a food court-like cafe where employees can get three free meals a day.

fun offices zappos

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At Zappos, there are no bosses – the company has embraced a system of self-governance that seems to spill over into the creative chaos of the office decorations, where anything goes. The online retailer’s Las Vegas headquarters include rainforest decorations, a giant inflatable monkey and a ball pit you can work from in addition to free meals, a nap room, regular costume parties and parades in each department.

Mind Candy
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British entertainment company Mind Candy might just have the UK’s coolest offices, with meetings held on character-shaped bean bags, scribble walls, gumboil machines, scooters and slides for in-office transportation, and a treehouse conference room.