Standing Tall: 24 Jaw-Dropping Rock Climbing Walls

Climbing walls are playgrounds for adults; they’re a place where one can clamber up and over obstacles in a socially acceptable manner, and still chalk it up as exercise. There are plenty of unique climbing walls out there, however, that are crazy enough to make the whole experience a lot more wild, and fun.

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It is fun to imagine being able to scale the walls of your house like Spiderman, but in practice it’s a bit more difficult (and frowned upon). The Japanese design firm Nendo created an awesomely fun looking wall that seems out of a storybook. Sturdy frames and standard rock grips give an otherwise normal looking wall a much more interesting angle.

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The treadwall is perfect for a climber who wants to improve their speed, or simply doesn’t have the room to install a full fledged climbing wall. Much like the treadmill in a gym, it allows someone to climb for as long as they’d like, and without worry of falling down.

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The excalibur tower in the Netherlands is the world’s tallest climbing tower. The scope of this structure is jaw-dropping. At 121 feet tall, climbing this beast is not for the faint of heart. The width of the tower gives plenty of variation, as well, so every climb feels like the first.

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Ever considered ordering a climbing wall for a company picnic? Look no further. It’s great to know that anything can be delivered in this day and age.

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As fun as diving boards are, there’s something to be said for climbing walls inside a pool. These walls serve as the perfect platform for jumping into the pool, and all without any fear of a painful fall.

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For climbers in training, Mobius playground equpment give kids a safe way to clamber around large obstacles to their heart’s content. Any parent would be glad to see their child use up some of their energy in an activity full of healthy exercise.

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It makes sense to incorporate activities like climbing into an urban landscape, as it’s an environment uniquely suited for this kind of activity. Tall buildings and a lack of close climbing opportunities in the middle of a city are the perfect combination. An urban climbing wall can be added to many structures, especially if one is not overly concerned with the odd aesthetic.

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Inflatable climbing walls would be perfect for a birthday party or work event. One thins is for sure: it’s a lot easier for people to have fun and cut loose with a climbing wall than it is with an inflatable castle.

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This unique tower was created to help showcase an excavator. The marketing clearly works, as it’s hard not to be impressed. Check out this video for a better look (fun starts at 2:55, and check out the ending as well):

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Climbing walls don’t always have to be a boring edifice stuck in the middle of nowhere, or contained inside a gym. Here are a few examples of some beautiful walls that have been incorporated in interesting ways. Who wouldn’t like climbing a gigantic pair of jeans?

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Some climbing walls are cooler than others, and these uniquely shaped walls are definitive proof. The converted silos are especially unique, and provide a huge surface for recreational climbers.

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Urban explorers are given a chance to scale a city wall in a unique installation at Universal Studios Florida. For a little cash, one can scramble up the side of a faux building that looks like it was torn out of a real city.