34 Fantasy Tattoos Of The Terrifying And Fantastic

Supernatural forces seem to be hitting a new high in terms of pop culture popularity. For those whose love of the fantasy genre is not a passing phase, a tattoo displaying epic forces of magic and mayhem might be in the cards.

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These dragons are huge, intricate, and beautiful. With the ancient wisdom of a forgotten race of creatures, dragons are full of symbolism that make them quite popular as subject for tattoos.

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Werewolves or zombies? For some, this is barely a question. The brute strength of the werewolf appeals to those who want some of that power for themselves.

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Mystic warriors with giant battle axes and weapons of war can be an epic addition to anyone’s body art. Terrifying and dark, these are not the top choice for those who fall more into the “good magic” camp.

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Vampires are definitely more popular than ever before, though the diluted versions with sparkly skin and dramatic personal relationships are not chosen by all. These disturbing tattoos reveal the dangerous side of vampires who look just human-like enough to make one’s skin crawl.

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The range of supernatural creatures and monsters is tremendous. One of the most fantastic reasons to get a fantasy tattoo is the fact that anything one can come up with is fair game. Make it terrifying, make it realistic, and you’ve hit fantasy gold.

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The broad landscapes in any fantasy storyline hold a great appeal for anyone who is sick of looking out their window and seeing dreary roads and worn-down buildings. An epic castle or a magical clock… these items hold real power over the imagination.

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Fairies are one of the most common tattoos for a reason. The incredible variety that’s possible, along with the long tradition of fairies in folk tales, make them quite appealing.