Fashionably Fun: 41 Examples Of Insane Fingernail Art

Put away that boring nail polish! It’s time to get creative. The wild world of fingernail art is a booming one, and it’s much more intense than one would think.

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Breaking out of two dimensional fingernail aesthetics are a master stroke. This may not be the most functional way to adorn one’s fingers, but it will definitely garner attention.

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While one can’t easily play video games with these fingernails, one can still show appreciation for one’s favorite characters.

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Some fingernail decorations are art in their own right. Pro tip: it’s much easier to do this on fake nails and add them later!

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A small canvas doesn’t have to be a boring one. Go crazy!

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Here are some additional accessories for the holidays. Put on that old Christmas sweater and don’t forget to add the holiday lights with nail polish, too.

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These fingernails will make anyone hungry. Ok, maybe not, but they’re definitely interesting.

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Floral patterns aren’t just for couches any more! These crazy fingernails are perfect for the Spring.

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Classic decorations can be garish, but they can also be classy.

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Celebrate iconic characters with their own unique nail portraits.

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Here’s an interesting way to celebrate one’s favorite brand. Have a favorite soda? Grab that polish!