Urban Farm Kit: Modular Chicken Coops, Planters & Benches

urban kit of parts

A solution for all seasons and regions, the premise is simple: every would-be urban farmer has space, weather and other growing constraints, and yet draws from the same set of essential needs.

urban farming exploded axon

For some folks the focus may be raising chickens and a few hardy outdoor plant varieties that can stand the shifts in weather.

urban farm detail box

For others, perhaps in colder climates, built-in storage compartments (that helpfully double as benches) and miniature greenhouse spaces may be the essential or desired accessories.

urban farm modules benches

urban farm planting platforms

urban farm system parts

A series of wooden slats rhythmically wrap the exterior, creating both material continuity between sections as well as a way to hide joints between separate pieces in plain sight.

urban farm wood wire

urban famr chicken coop

urban farming module prototype

The currently-built prototype features dark-stained natural wood and examples of most of the potential modules, demonstrating their feasibility. It includes the wired outdoor area and indoor coop for chickens, for instance, as well as a planter and a secret storage bench section.