Not a Glitch: Cabinet Carved with Disorienting Design

glitch furniture art design

No, there’s nothing wrong with your screen – this intricate wooden cabinet was actually carved to resemble an image error. The ‘Good Vibrations’ storage unit by designer Ferruccio Laviani combines traditional Oriental craftsmanship and design with the visual effects of a digital or analog glitch.

Glitch Cabinet 1

Designed for the 2013 Furniture Exhibition in collaboration with Italian furniture company Fratelli Boffi, the wooden cabinet features two distorted areas where conventional carvings seem to have been stretched.

Glitch Cabinet 3

Unfortunately, the only image of the cabinet made available to the public shows it from the front, so we can’t get a look at how the distortions appear from three-quarter and side angles.

Glitch Cabinet 5

Glitch art plays on the psychological effects that come with looking at these images, whether they were created accidentally or intentionally, inviting us to take a deeper look at technological mistakes. Also referred to as ‘databending’, glitch art can be strangely compelling.