Giants in the Streets: Urban Street Images in Macro-Scale


What better way to follow up on The Little People of London than with an amazing tale of artistic giganticism? Julia Fullerton-Batten was born in Bremen, Germany and received her diploma in fine arts from the Berkshire College of Art and Design. She has since traveled the world and rapidly risen to fame as a premiere fine arts photographer, in no small part thanks to her surreal urban imagery.





In her Teen Stories image series, Julia has taken typical scenes and individuals and juxtaposed them at strange and incredible scales. This technique, in conjunction with using ordinary people (as opposed to professional models) has enabled her to produce an intentional awkwardness in the posture of the models that enhances visual tension within her photographs. Such work gives a strange new meaning to the terms “street art” and “urban art.”





Off the street, Julia’s portraiture is equally impressive. Instead of staging her subjects in neutral settings, Julia creates almost hyper-real environments playing off of the elegance, extravagance or eccentricity of peoples’ places of work. This creates a sense of personality around her subjects, a distinctiveness lacking in a typical staged portrait.




Finally, Julia’s personal work truly spans the spectrum of artistic possibility. These photographs show a range of talent, while somehow retaining her distinctive approach to composition and the stark coloration characteristic of her work.