Drifting to Sleep: Snooze on Water in the World’s First Floating Tent

“The world is your waterbed” according to SmithFly, the creators of the floating Shoal Tent, an inflatable sleeping craft that lets you drift off while drifting out on the water.

The base is inflatable as is the tent structure, obviating the need for poles. Waterproof and wind resistant, it features a thick drop-stitched floor that serves as a robust but comfortable air mattress.

The tent is about eight by eight feet along the outside, and a person within can stand up without hitting the top.The top attaches easily but also detaches quickly in case of emergency. Each unit comes with a storage bag, foot pump and patch kit in case those shoals turn out to be rocky.

Of course, you have to be a bit adventurous to try this out on the open water, but SmithFly suggests sticking to “your favorite farm pond, salt water flat, spring creek, or eddie on your favorite river.” They are scheduled to cost around $1500 and are available for pre-sale.

More from its maker: “SmithFly designs and builds modular gear for sportsmen who want to be able to change and reconfigure their gear to suit various conditions and situations. Our goal is to build as much as possible in the USA.Our unique small batch mentality allows us great flexibility to test and maintain the highest standards of quality possible..”