Cake Art: Over 25 Awesomely Offbeat Decorated Cakes

It’s strange to say, but cake technology is improving. The invention of new kinds of icing that can be sculpted to hold nearly any form, combined with age-old baking techniques, are creating a boom in the creative cake industry. With amateur and professional bakers pushing the boundaries of cakedom and their own creativity, a lot of awesome examples are cropping up. Of course, geeks are well represented. Here are some wonderfully artistic and geeky examples of the modern cake craft:

Creative Cakes

(Images via tribe, cakesite)

Wedding cakes are often the most traditional aspect of any wedding reception, but times they are a changin’, and as people loosen up and attempt to have a fun, relaxed affair, rather than the uptight ceremony of our older generations, cakes have quite a bit more room to maneuver. I honestly can not say that these destructive examples are what I would want at my wedding, but there is no arguing that they’re not creative and interesting.

Television Themed

(Images via thebeckyblog, firehazard, connect)

Television shows are always a huge influence on the cake world (especially for children’t birthdays), and nostalgia is an endless source of inspiration as well. This Fraggle Rock cake is well designed and complex, and would be the envy of anyone who grew up in the 80’s.

Stargate Cakes

(Images via scifihero, greatwhitesnark)

The more geeky readers may recognize the show Stargate, represented in the form of two delicious looking cakes. I would find it difficult to cut into something so well done.

Mario and the Princess!

(Images via gamespotbridellabrianjgreengeekologie)

The super mario games raised a generation of children, and now that they’re all grown up and own ovens, you can guess what comes next. Mario inspiration is prevalent in the cake making world, and some of the creations are extraordinary detailed; works of art in their own right.

Starcraft Fan Cakes

(Images via tenletter, starcraft, teamliquid, sc2armory)

Fans of the popular Starcraft computer game are celebrating the launch of Starcraft 2 with cake tributes. The Zerg  (one of the alien races in the game) are heavily featured, probably because of the interesting contrast between a delicious looking cake, and a lizard-like alien race.

Ocean Themed

(Images via boingboing, courtneyscakes, weddingandcakesdebbiedoescakes)

The ocean as a party theme has been popular at formals and dances for as long as I can remember. Here are some cool examples of ocean themed cakes fit for a variety of settings – a formal gala or even a child’s birthday.

Camera Cake

(Images via cookdaysoddee)

Any photographer would shutter (I know, I know) at the idea of scooping a chunk out of his prized camera, but a red velvet center makes it quite a bit more appealing. The details on this cake, and the unique subject matter, are what make it so stunning.

Halloween Party

(Images via yourbestwedding, zombiesandtoys, accidentallydomesticated)

Are you looking for a delicious and interesting cake for your next Halloween party? Would you like your October wedding to have a macabre theme? Here are some great looking cakes that would thrill any party goers, and would fit deliciously into a scary party.

Dungeons & Dragons

(whosmoreawesome, funtim, gizmopolis, knightly-slumber)
The long and serpentine appearance of a dragon makes it incredibly difficult to form out of cake, but some have stepped up to the challenge and emerged victorious. The Dungeons & Dragons themed cake is especially captivating, with its wonderful red coloring and long, slender neck. These cakes would stun any fantasy fan.