Imaginary Movies: Graphic Designer Turns Posted Photos into Film Posters

Inspired by gorgeous photographs posted to a popular social media website, one designer has reversed the normal narrative of movie marketing, creating publicity posters for speculative films, their scripts yet unwritten.

This dedicated redditor goes by Your_Post_As_A_Movie (YPAAM) and has made over 800 such creations to date, each one complete with titles, taglines, casts and credits, not to mention topic-appropriate typographies.

The genre-spanning array is inspiring, featuring action films, romantic comedies, environmental documentaries, science fictions and far-out fantasies.

Some of these picks are inspired by comments left by other redditors, cueing a possible direction or tagline from which the rest of the artistic adaption evolves.

Meanwhile, the identity of the anonymous creator remains an intentional mystery, but his fans seem pleased to leave it that way, as long as the creative work keeps on showing up from his account.