Inventionland Offices: From Tree Houses to Race Tracks

Inventionland Creative Offices Main

If your office was a pirate ship, would you be more or less likely to slack off? The incredible offices of Inventionland design factory in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania look more like a theme park or movie sound stage than a workplace, keeping their employees inspired to come up with creative ideas of their own. Inventionland invents nearly 2,000 new items every year, putting out one product every three days.

Inventionland Race Track Office

Inventionland Race Track Office 2

Inventionland Cave Office

The 70,000-square-foot space is divided into 16 different ‘sets’, each with a unique theme of its own. There’s a race track with a distinctive checkered pattern, elevated like a miniature arena, with the desks in the center. Caves provide peaceful work spaces for those who need isolation to perform at their best.

Inventionland Castle Office

Inventionland Castle Office 2

Inventionland Treehouse Office

Inventionland Treehouse Office 2

A massive castle has a sense of highly polished Disney-esque luxury, while a treehouse and a waterfall offer tranquil getaways of the sort most cubicle-dwellers only dream of.