Arcaketecture: Algorithms & 3D-Printing Shape Deliciously Structural Cakes

Ukrainian pastry chef Dnara Kasko is at it again, this time with an algorithmically-modeled desert made up of 81 distinctly shaped pieces.

Kakso drew inspiration from artists and engineers and used Grasshopper, a digital program, to create a fresh take on a traditional pyramid cake.

Inside: each slice features mousse, ganache, and meringue of chocolate ruby. The berry confit at the center is complimented by a biscuit below.

But this is far from the chef’s first creation. Kasko is known for artistic collaborations and the use of modeling programs to play with materials, shapes and gravity.

Above: The Streusel — an almond sponge cake, confit blackberry-blueberry, mousse with blackberry and mascarpone tart .

In many cases, the results are starkly architectural, looking like Postmodern or Deconstructivist structures designed by the likes of Venturi, Gehry or Libiskind. Reportedly, they taste quite amazing as well.