Hey You, Get Onto My Cloud: Bizarre Floating Transport

As far as transportation goes, we have not yet seen any truly innovative changes in our lifetimes. Sure, new types of cars and faster trains pop up every year, but where are the big changes that make us gasp and stare? The Passing Cloud concept might be just that innovation. It is a wanderer’s dream: its course and speed are determined by the winds, and there is no telling where passengers may end up.

(all images via: Dezeen)

The concept was dreamed up by architect Tiago Barros and entered in a design competition that called for high speed rail concepts. Needless to say, this design was so far from the specifications that it did not earn a prize – but it is remarkable anyway.

Passengers would board the “cloud” using ladders, then simply relax as the lighter-than-air structure floats to its next destination. There would presumably be some sort of safety rail feature to keep passengers from falling off like human-size raindrops.

The nylon balloon would sport an interior structure of steel, much like an old-time zeppelin. The designer doesn’t explain how the contraption would work with no navigation system or thrusters (other than the wind), but the concept is not meant to be a serious proposal for a future transport system.

It is, rather, a flight of fancy – a whimsical vision of what might be possible in a different world. Nearly everyone has dreamed of floating around on a lazy cloud from time to time. This concept lets us recall those fun daydreams and consider again how wonderful it would feel to simply float around on a gentle breeze.