Pointless Diagrams: Daily Architectural Nonsense Drawings

pointless set of pyramids

A quick doodle drawn in the heat of the moment on a napkin at an architectural cocktail party is more likely to be a concept diagram than a phone number. There is nothing architects love more than a sexy drawing with dotted lines, curvy arrows and a few key color accents.

pointless building paths

pointless chutes and ladders

Josh Lewandowski is a Minnesotan architect who is taking things to the extreme, producing a new diagrammatic sketch daily … with a catch: they do not represent anything and are ends unto themselves. The series is dubbed simply Pointless Diagrams.

pointless landscape model

pointless series of towers

Of his work, Josh writes: “I started this blog because for as long as I can remember I’ve always drawn and doodled 3d sketches that have an unapologetic dearth of meaning.” He draws his “inspiration from architecture, furniture, engineering, geometry, cereal boxes, Lego instructions, and Etch A Sketch memories. I always use pen and ink because erasing is for wimps.”

pointless pool diagram

pointless impossible tree spiral

The works are populated with walkways, bridges, staircases, pools, trees and more, yet a whole never really emerges from the parts except when the viewer’s imagination takes part. Thus the mysterious and subjective side of the equation.