Pointless Diagrams: Daily Architectural Nonsense Drawings

pointless bunch of routes

pointless greek style processional

Naturally, humans have a propensity toward pattern recognition and will doubtless find meaning in the noise, so he also posts a disclaimer: “The drawings appear meaningful without actually being helpful. Some might seem to reference real things or show some sort of relationship between things, but this is merely accidental. Enjoy.”

pointless structural diagram

pointless ramps and bridges

Lest you think it an outlet merely from the frustration of professional practice, it is worth noting that Josh’s history with silly side drawings dates back to pre-architect days: “Whether it was in a 6th grade English class, during a Peter Eisenman lecture in grad school, or when I should have been CADing while working at Robert A M Stern Architects: I was busy diagramming nonsense.”

pointless round tower axon

pointless spider structure

He also pleas with readers to give him feedback when he goes astray and starts actually representing something with his sketches: “If you recognize any iconic forms I’ve disgraced in my doodles I’d love to hear so leave a comment. I rarely notice them myself and it’s only a matter of time before I draw something truly blasphemous such as, say, Mies’ Barcelona Pavilion with a domed roof, ionic columns, and some pretty pink flags on top. He’d definitely be turning in his grave.”