Room in a Box: Portable Tool-Free Bedroom Set in 30 Minutes

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Containing a room’s worth of essential furniture you can take on the bus or train, this all-in-one-box solution costs just $150, is easier to assemble than IKEA equivalents and much lighter too, with wheels as well for added mobility.

room box assembly

room box in a box

While requiring no tools or glue, the would-be catch is that the kit is made of cardboard – however, its makers have delivered on over 40 projects of that same material to date, making them experts at rendering it robust and durable. For those who only need some of the composite pieces: each element can also be converted to other purposes – the bed supports, for instance, can be stacked into shelves or other forms of storage.

room box bed

room box design

The box contains a chair, desk, bin, dresser and bed supports which double as storage, each designed to be load-bearing as well as water-resistant, able to be reused for years by students or other young adults. The entire system can be assembled or deconstructed within a half hour and the pieces weigh around seven pounds each, all making moves between dorm rooms and storage much simpler.

room box shelves

room in a box

From the creators of Room in a Box: “Every piece of furniture can be assembled with no tools or glue by folding and slotting the pieces, and can be taken down and packed back into the box.  When you are done with the furniture it can be recycled or reused in its entirety. This makes for versatile furniture which can be used in many different ways and configurations.  The design of the furniture also includes sliding drawers for storage (with stoppers) which double as handy moving boxes.  “